Special Arrangements

We accommodate special arrangements like customized menus, themed parties, cultural performances and the like. We also offer special activities on the island like diving.

Tell us how we can be of service. We will do what we can to make your stay on the Island a vacation to remember.



It is not unusual for our guests to hold a themed party on the Island. We make an extra effort so that the Island ambience and food preparations match your desired theme.


Dietary Prescriptions/Restrictions

We understand that our clientele comes from different backgrounds with different tastes and preferences (as well as allergies). Although we serve a standard menu, we may cater to your dietary/meal requests. Please contact us to discuss your preferences and options.


Cultural Performances

Your enjoyment on the Island need not be limited to pure leisure. You may also opt to experience the local flavor of the region through a rich cultural presentation served to you on the Island.

For a minimum of two nights’ stay on the Island, you may opt to enjoy a cultural performance at an additional cost. Cultural performances are available upon request.


Romantic Events

Do you have romantic plans like a candle-lit dinner by the shore, a proposal, or something as grand as a beach wedding? Tell us, and we will help make it work for you.

We hosted our first wedding last August. (Photos to come.)



The Island is known in the region for its beautiful, breathtaking dive spots. Please let us knowat least seven (7) days in advance should you wish to go diving during your stay on the Island, so we can make the necessary arrangements with a divemaster, as well as for diving equipment.

If you have no experience in diving, you may take diving lessons in our swimming pool. However, an overnight stay will not suffice if you truly wish to witness the spectacular marine seascape of the Island Buenavista.


NOTE: All special arrangements outside of our standard packages come at additional cost.